Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Dota has thought me

I've been playing this game for nearly 1 year,after tired of playing Counter Strike.The switching of gaming genre from FPS(CS) to RPG(Dota) was hard for me.Actually,i kinda dislike playing game that based on magic,slow game play and strategy.But due to the massive popularity of Dota and decline of CS player,I decided to try Dota and this make me less playing CS to focus more on Dota.
It wasn't game that can be mastered within a few days,but I try my best.
I spend my time to study the hero abilities,what item to buy and what strategy to use.It's also a team-based game,so don't expect you can win singlehandedly.

Unfortunately,until now,I still can't play well.I insist that someday,I will be "pro"and win major gaming championship.
I'm still being scold by my team when playing online.I was obviously noob and it's has ruin the entire game.
Dota is different with others game.It's about team play,and one noob in the team is enough to make the team to lose.

I really like this quote..
As we traverse the familiar IceFrog plains of life the only way to move up in levels and in the world is to gain experience. The older we get and the longer we play the more we level up as individuals and the more experience we gain. Gold helps us to achieve the items we want that we believe will make us better players, yet ultimately it all boils down to skill.

We are all given unique abilities to achieve this, and everyone has a unique or ultimate ability or talent. We must also accept and appreciate the skills and abilities of others in the same game of life and work with them to achieve greater ownage.

There are several of these other players – some that will help us achieve our goals, and others that will stand in our way and gank us when we are vulnerable. Some of these players will pawn us and bring us down, yet we always respawn and get given another chance - a chance to defeat our enemies and conquer our fears.

Sometimes we will find ourselves alone – far from home and the base the makes us feel safe and secure. Yet these are times where we can grow and gain experience on our own. It is a chance to farm and reap the seeds that we sow, which is often very rewarding.

There are also several neutral creeps in life who will simply let us be. It is up to us to decide whether or not to seek them out and reap the rewards of doing so. There are also people (shops) that we can seek out to get advise from and who will give us a helping hand towards our goals.

In exchange for all the support we get from teammates and admins, we must endeavour to defend what is most sacred to us. This can be seen as the Tree of Life, which we have been offered and allows us to continue our game and reach our goals on the other side.

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