Thursday, June 28, 2012

War is not the viable alternatives to promote peace

This is the transcript of my recent speech for the public speaking test. It's about how devastating a war can be, and I reinforce my point by showing the effect and causes. Forgive the grammar and structural mistake, because I made this in only one night. My earlier plan was to give a speech about the myth behind video game's violence, but later I found that there's no solid argument to consolidate my point.
And I think that last minute change of plan was the right thing to do. The next day, there was another person which came out with the video game's topic. Feww

What is your greatest fear? Being rejected? The insects? Your grade? After all, fear is an essence in humans’ life. We all bound to be afraid of something. As for me, I afraid of the future. We don’t know what lies ahead. We lived for yesterday, live for today but uncertain of tomorrow. The human species is malevolent in nature. They’re savages. They kill each other and destroy the nature. Albeit religion promotes peace and do good deeds to other people, the various kind of this ideology create a new problem: war in the name of religion. But to put the blame solely on religion is just unfair. War is also erupting amongst the people of same race and religion. What is the cause of war? The inability to accept a common understanding.

As a representative of UN, I’m obliged to campaign against war. And today, I’m going to give a speech titled: War is not the viable alternatives to promote peace
I believe we don’t need to fight fire with fire. There is always a way to resolve conflicts other than military confrontation. 
Because war bring a lot of consequences.

So let’s take a look at the first effect of wars.
War significantly depopulates man.  Do you have grandparents or father who served in the army during the Japanese Invasion?
Imagine the torment of losing the one you loved in wars.
In World War 1, 38 million people died. This war was started by Germany after their Duke was assassinated.
World War 2 was the deadliest military conflict with death toll of 60 million. It happened because Germany was severely affected by the World War 1. They had to pay for the war debt, unemployment was very high and Hitler’s ambition for world domination.
The cold war between USA and Soviet Union never resort to military engagement. But they both indirectly fought each other in Vietnam. Vietnam War will forever be remembered in American’s history as one of the bloodiest war with both sides losing 6 million live

The effect of these is ruinous, especially to the war Veterans. They survived the war, but they still fighting with emotional breakdown and suffered from Post traumatic disorder. The fact that they killed many young men in battlefield will forever accompanied throughout their whole life.
In war, millions of men are sent to fight. The effect can be seen today. We have less male to female ratio. Because male were killed and there only left the woman. This will create an imbalance in composition on long term.

As we have been legally allowed to kill each other in war, there will grow a sentiment of pessimism whether human’s species can continue to survive.
Are we not much different than the people 1000 years ago? Will we destroy each other and see the end is coming? Some question remains unanswered.
Ladies and gentleman, to fight war we need soldiers. These soldiers need an armada to support them. This is a huge expenditure.
APC, tank, fighter jets are all cost money.
During war, lot of money is poured to buy all of these things. Commodities such as fuel are wasted. Isn’t it better if we spend all those money on research and development to make us understands our world better? And the war, more money is needed to rebuild a ruined nation. This includes houses, airport, buildings and roads that were destroyed in war.

The results of this huge expenditure are the inevitable economic depression and financial crisis.
In World War 1, Germany lost and was forced to pay huge sum of ‘war debt’. The Russia involvement in World War 1 severely affected their economy and somehow contributed to the Russia Revolution 1917.
In this modern world, the two costly wars on Iraq and Afghanistan had burnt a hole in USA’s pocket. They’re now is in crisis, and around the world will also be affected. It’s all a chain reaction of domino effect.

The last effect of war I want to talk about is it greatly demolishes landscape, structure and productivity in the involving’s nation.
Take an example of the two nuclear atoms dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It turned these cities into rubble in just few seconds.
Firing of cannon, artillery and spraying chemical weapon is polluting the environment.

It is estimated that 70% of productivity were lost during the course of World War 2. Imagine how much we’ve lost. It’s mesmerizing to think about.
The effects of war can be seen in soil infertility. Crops can’t be planted and water is contaminated. For the nuclear bomb victim, the gamma radiation mutating the gene of their offspring. A lot of historical artefacts, monuments and building all were lost, stolen or destroyed. What we want to show to our future generation?

Ladies and gentleman. We’ve seen how devastating the war is. Let’s recall all the effects that I’ve stressed.
War caused devastating effects in our life. It depopulates the nation, halt economic growth and create a lot of problems. We must find a way to avert war and solve conflicts through reasoning and find a mutual understanding amongst people of different ideology, race, ethnics and religion. Before I end my speech, I want to quote French Clergyman, Francois Fenelon “All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers”

Friday, June 8, 2012

Renewable Energy

I am meek when it comes to give out my opinion. I do have some good point of views on certain issues, but that's it. That type of opinion will only be tweet and end just like that. Sometimes I'll discuss it with a friends, but I'm not really good in recalling something in detail. Without a data to support my argument, my points can't be presented clearly.
Because I have been quiet for some times in this blog, I think it's best if I update it with something. No, I'm not writing about myself. Because apparently I just realized that nobody is giving any shit about me. This is a transcript of my speech, which I presented for my public speaking class. After I harshly forced my tiny brain for a topic, I finally came out with the idea of 'Renewable energy'.

Good morning Prof Zulkifli and my fellow classmates.

Just look at around us. In this era of post-Edison, everything, including the air cond, the lamp, the computer and even the hot water you used to warm your body at early in the morning is powered by electricity. Unfortunately, the electricity as we know it is not primordial. It need to be generated from the burning of coal, which in effects pollute the environment.

Ladies and gentlemen, according to the data from IEA (International Energy Agency), 67% of the total electricity generated in the world is through fossil fuel. This percentage had increased exponentially in the last few decades, particularly contributed by the countries that undergone rapid industrial revolution like China. In researching this speech, I learned that fossil fuel is limited and will diminish in 2042. We're only few years before we had this energy-apocalypse. And as for today, I will talk about three alternative energy generation – Wind energy, hydroelectric dam and nuclear fusion

The first is Wind turbines........... Bla3 insert shit here..........
ok I'm fucking lazy to rewrite the full transcript. Will just paste the outline. That if you're even interested to read it........

I. A wind turbines converts kinetic energy from the wind to mechanical energy.
A. 1. Wind energy is the most natural way to generate electricity
     2. Wind is available freely and virtually unlimited
     3. The generation of electricity through wind don’t pollute the environment
B. 1. It is widely used in Europe because of the favourable climate. In Germany it makes up to 40% of total renewable energy generation
    2. According to the world wind energy report 2010, 6.5% of Germany's total electricity consumption was generated by winds
    3. Wind technology has provide Germany huge benefit in term of economy, social and environment.

II. Hydroelectric is generated through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water in a dam
A. 1. It is the most widely used form of renewable energy, accounting for 16 percent of global electricity consumption
      2. The reservoir act like a battery, storing potential energy in the form of water
      3. Highly dynamic and it can be adjusted according to how much energy is needed at specific time
B. Suitable to build in a large country with a big lakes and fast flowing of water
1. This type of energy generation don’t depend of raw materials
     2. Most of the plants nowadays are fully automatic and doesn’t require many employee
     3. It can operate for many years after built (50 – 100 years)

III. In nuclear plants, electricity is generated through the heat occur during nuclear fission.
A. 1. There are several varieties of Uranium, but Uranium-235 is the most important to the production of nuclear plants 
     2. The splitting of an atom releases an incredible amount of heat and is used to boil water to drives turbine generator
     3. To prevent overheating, control rods are inserted into the uranium and raising or lower it can control the rate of nuclear reaction

B. Uranium is available readily on earth’s core and can be mined with conventional mining method
     1. The emission of carbon dioxide in nuclear power plant is minimal
     2. Nuclear fission produces roughly a million times more energy per unit weight than fossil fuel
    3. High amount of energy can be generated from a single nuclear power plant. Also, nuclear fuel is inexpensive and easier to transport


I. As we have seen, renewable energy is the future to clean and efficient ways of electric generation.
II. Let’s recall three method of renewable energy generation that are wind turbines, hydroelectric dam and nuclear fission
III. As we progress in science and technology, latest research enables us to overcome the current limitations of today’s technology

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