Friday, August 19, 2011


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Fucking Perfect!! Forgive my fingers for dancing faster than it should be, for this awesomeness was purely
lol kthxbb

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Certain Dilemma

In a mere few month, this pleasant way of life is going to end. I'm going to step out of this comfort zone and pursuing my degree in Physic Instrumentations and electronic. While all the 3 words is no alien for most of science students, the course itself reflect what I've achieved for my pre U study which is not end well. Some say this is lelong course for students who don't fit the requirements for critical course; no more argument here. It's an inconvenience truth, I embrace it openly.

To be honest, I am not quite sure what I'm going to learn for the whole 3 years. The UMT website is vague with no deep details on the course. Only some introductions with no clear job prospect for the graduate. But it has something to do with robotics, which I think going to be a big hit in the future. Do you know nowadays a lot of people lost their job as their work had been replaced by robots? The advancement of technology while bring positive impacts on industry to reduce labor cost, as well as increasing efficiency and productivity ,however come with an adverse effect to humanity. Indirectly, it’s solved an equation of the nature’s law; every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Metaphorically portray the technology as an action, the people losing jobs is the “opposite reaction”.

Taking this research into a bit further, more questions arise. How is this graduate going to compete with mechanical, electronic and mechanical engineering? This field is applied science, which make use of existing fundamental theory into application of everyday life and basically, it stand with the same level as engineering. Well said, is this some kind of specialized branch of electronic or just the application of electronic? While pure science deals with the exact science of the development of scientific theories, applied science is the exact science of applying knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to practical problems. What I understand is pure science create a theory, then applied science use it for application in daily life. Example would be silicon, which were discovered many years ago, but as time progress, it become semi-conductor components and eventually, some company with a genius group of think tank unveils a new technology called cell phone. Who would’ve thought a communication would be possible with semi-conductor while century ago it was only on electric pulse?

If it's something to do with robotic, ICT and electronic, I'm imagining a semi-conductor company which make use of a robot technology to assemble an electronic product. In this case, isn't the work of an electronic engineer alone is enough? What exactly the role of Physic instrumentations and electronic graduate will be? An assistant for the engineer? That's not likely.
And why would on earth a company hiring people with knowledge in that field if they had already employed an electronic engineer?
Maybe to suggest the company a new potential commercial products from the current machine that already been used in the factory could be transform into human sex robot with a slight appearance modifications, and then left the engineer to figure out how would considerate amount of power supply need to be put so as the vibrations produced will have maximum pleasure. To add safety feature, the engineer must also, figure out how to prevent the user from electrocute themselves when they ejaculate, by designing a fuse throughout the circuit and also make sure the material used is water resistant, good insulator as well as no accumulated electrostatic charge being built to avoid any shock induced to the end user.

Ok enough of astray rants, back to the real world. For just September intake this year, no fewer than 40 thousands are accepted into university. And that’s figure is going to increase exponentially when we add students from IPTS. Did I mention foreign graduate or professional immigrants? Can the job market for this country sustain these large numbers? The answer is obviously not, well as you can already see from the surrounding. Government, stop being ridiculous, you're building a Ponzi pyramid scheme. This bubble is soon to be exploding. Even though the unemployment rate for this country is at least lower than that US, frankly speaking, I don't believe that. Gov has surely altered the figure to hide the truth.

So, is it a wise decision to instead spending 3 years of studying something that might be someday not useful, I jump into the job force and gain as much as experience before start to enroll in diploma. Although it is very unlikely happen to me, a lot of people suggesting experience is vital but without education, it's hard to climb the ladder into corporate. Gosh what a cruel world for me.
On the bright side, the course combines ICT, Electronic and the uses of instrumentations. The first two words are my passion; I'm really looking forward into it.

Determined to look far beyond forward and not in 1000 years to repeat the 1 year mistake,   I hope this post will serve as a reminder for me. I've fall once and there's no certainty that I would stand someday, but the scar will remain as a beacon of my mistakes..cewah berfalsafah pula 

p/s; I'm writing this blog post on my touch screen phone. 600++ words were making my hands strained. Is blackberry do any good to write lengthy words? 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Forever Alone, Keyboard warrior and the dawn of skate

After worked for a few days at Takoyaki stall, I find a proper job, but just a for a short time. Right now, it's almost a month since my last job and I filled my time with just ; sit with computer : )

facebooking, /k, /b, twitter, gaming, call of duty, garena, reading informational article, prison break, how i met your mother, american dad, futurama, game of thrones, romes, ton of movies and currently I'm following Fringe.

I start to get back to my old habit.. A proud Internet Man

And like others things that I've interest on it, skateboarding seems to slowly fade away.. My last skate session was 2-3 weeks ago. I used to play it everyday and can't even stop thinking of it and eventually turned into an obsession but now, I dunno wat happen lol...
It seems like I've given up skating and happy with with my old life.. 

i also not sure which and what course will be offered to me with my disappointing matriculation result..let it be, i'll just accept whatever I get. I'am not in a position to make a demand that favor me.

yes, I'm forever alone and embrace it proudly. Problem??


Of all the odds and suffering

Fucking Matriculation programme, the hell of 1 years of suffering, come to finish with a catastrophic ending.
If you're my loyal follower of this stupid, inferior and scientifically uninteresting blog, you will no doubt have idea why I say it's a hell version of this universe. No, I'm not making comparison to the neraka jahanam, but it's a metaphor of what I've been through.

So, managed to find a job, the first was at Takoyaki stall, owned by my ex-classmates back when I was at MRSM. It's a new experience, I learn how to make Takoyaki, a Japanese food version of Malay's cekodok in my opinion.

and while I got excited of it, some things are meant to not pleasing me. The place I worked; took 1 hour drive from my home and imagine I've to get up on 7am after month of adjusting my biological clock to get up at 1pm(in some cases more later).
That's not the worst part; my 2 days work was paid RM 22. Yes, 26 hours worth of workforce excluding my trips.
Actually, I'm quite hesitate to blame him for the small wages, because those 2 days,we are not making much sales. If not mistaken, the combined sales for the 2 days was only RM 60. Minus 22 for me, and that's not including the raw material yet to make that snack. And did I say the rent for that small stall is RM 1500 per month? So basically, they need to make RM 50 for a day to make profit, in which case they don't and instead of making profit, they are losing.
The most funny thing is, my parents came to buy 2 sets of that Takoyaki on my 2nd day of work, and I ask for some money so I could refuel the car and go back.

What is the reason behind this business failure?

I can think of 2 reasons;

1. Not so much of popularity
While sushi had make it name in Malaysia, Takoyaki on the other hand is barely known. The first time I tasted it, it's not very tasty and I don't like it. I'm not sharing the same feeling ; at least from my observations, some people simply thrown away and cannot finish eating it. When my family came, I ask my lil brother how it's taste and an honest answer of 7 years old boy merely said ; tak sedap.
Those people that say sedap, maybe they faked it because you know, this friend of mine invited some of his friends to come over at his stall and they are well, feel obligated to buy, and try and what'd ya expect when he asked how about mah takoyaki?? Sometimes the truth need to be keep hidden, so yeah, very sedap liao

2. Location
One of the most important thing in business, is the location. A strategic location will be at large audience to draw more customer, but another thing that need to be put into attention is the suitability.
Takoyaki I believed, is a rich-people snack and be considered exotic. Like sushi, not everyone eat them frequently on daily basis.
The stall is at Tesco, which served as a heaven for middle to low income group shopping.
Most of the people that come there are family and they go not for the purpose of hangout, but rather to stock their household items. And these people, they have strict discipline in what to get and what not so they don't overspend. So, do you think RM 4.50 per set for 4 pcs is a worth to eat? Some people, like me, they are quite stingy when it comes to food. I'm thinking of suggesting he moves his stall to Jusco Aeon, which is next to Tesco, but then, who I am to advice this "MLM millionaire" wannabe?

Monday, April 25, 2011

How I saved the world ( and your mom)

Kid,( mimicking How I met your mother opening)

Ever since i posses that god demit card called driving license,my life change,at least at this particular instantaneous. Im no longer the one that revolve around machine,where the monitor is the vision of a virtual world. The demography of where Im currently residing limiting me to go out, but with that card, it's seems like the world is too small,and just connected.
And it's allow me to socialize with my fellow skaters, as some of those religious folk will say “merapatkan silaturrahim zahir dan batin antara insaniah jauhari”..I don't do shit all the time, with a car I can easily go to surau(citation needed)
I don't quite remember doing something useful to humanity these few month, but getting a job, hmm that's the least I can do to keep this world running.

What was the term again??merapatkan silaturrahim?maybe i could bang a few malay chicks with this word and complete my mission

Im not an environmentalist, that's why I don't buy all those bullshit campaign to use public transport, car pooling, hybrid car, reusable bitch. Consequently, make me invented a new belief which is “don't give a fuck society”, like the Iceberg at that poles gonna melt and flood this world?? So what?? The only things I care is how to shoot that polar bear if let say in some unprecedented event, it's float off to my house. I don't fucking have rifles, but merely a shortgun. I can't take risk having a penguin as a pet as I have the credibility of “animal killer”, those people at PETA will burn my ass. The only animal I can bear is cat, as it have adorable interface and easy going. Who doesn't love cat after all??

To tell the truth, yes Im not racist: I got white n black on me..which side you're niggerz??

I never feel guilty when I burned a hamster(it's still alive, just a minor damage) because I think it's a matter of faith in human relationship. It's a very complicated philosophy translated into a simple action. I do know they all love that animal, but looking at those creepy hamster suffering in pain, hexx it's a total enjoyment!! Next, what I know is things get creepier ; Im facing with a bunch of rage-hamster-lover...
Dude, only if you could understand what I'm trying to do for the sake of future humanity, you would surely even kiss my ass and start calling me a saviour..

What on earth did an inhuman act could result in future of humanity??
I'm trying to elaborate this complicated philosophy, only if you willing to listen, not with your ears, but your heart..
Picture: A hamster caught red-handed trying to murder a man with a gun..shit all those things were true!!they're alien disguising as a cute, adorable pet. Only if I listened to edward, my mom will still be with me

“Iam human, the so called homo sapience species and so do you. That hamster is just an animal that simply don't contribute to mankind, and only a wasteful resources on this earth. This earth consist of 70% of seawater, and only 30% is land, but the percentage that is liveable, I believe would be much lower. What if we could eliminate all noncontributing animal to increase our space, as well as resources?? Let's say I kill 150 hamster, and that's equal to a resource a human would use throughout his life. We could born another Einstein to save the world!!Isn't that genius?
All heil your savior!!”

No shit, I'm screwed...Being alone make me did unimaginable things

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've learned in Skateboarding

I learned a lot in skateboarding for the past 5 month than I did in Mathematic, Physic and Chemistry. It maybe a small,tiny board but it has grown big inside my heart. What I learned is not limited to ollie, kickflip, shuv it(n others skateboard skills), but something that I called as "passive learning". These things is obtained unintentionally in my quest to become a pro skater(I wouldn't be that, I have my own ambition). This is what I think of skateboarding; it's all traced back to my life as the world is revolving around me

As I stand on that board, It wasn't easy for the first time. Nevertheless, it is a baby step that someday become a giant leap. Conquering the fear and balancing your body is vital to make yourself stand on that board perfectly. In real life, this is us, a baby just being born. We don't know anything except crying. As we grow, we started to crawl and eventually, learn to stand and walking. Often, we fall and our parents would help us to rise. Parents is portrayed as mates that always there to give support and motivation throughout the whole journey.

Eventually, the fear is conquered and you can roll the skateboard forward. But still, it's just a beginning of something bigger. As you roll forward, there are some obstacle that impossible to pass through. This is where you hop over it and continue the journey. But there is one problem ; how to make that board fly high enough to pass the obstacle? make it jump with you
In skateboarding, jumping with the board is called "ollie". Frankly speaking, it is a pain in the ass to learn. You won't learn it in one day ; maybe a week or month!!

Then there you're, stuck behind the obstacle to learn "ollie". In real life, we faced a lot of problems that seem very difficult to us. As long as you don't face it, you won't go anywhere. You may evade it, but the upcoming obstacle will be much more difficult for you.
You may ignore your debt's payment and spend the money on something else, but how long can it be? Or you pretending something didn't happen in your relationship but the truth is you're suffering, well what if you broke down someday?Isn't that would cause a big catastrophe?

this is ollie for those who wondering..

Done with ollie, you now a hero to yourself and your mate. But the peer pressure is irresistible. Turn out that ollie is too common. Some of your pro friends can make kickflip over the obstacle.
And now, to do the ollie alone is hard, but how could you make the board jump with you and at the same time flick 360?
The pain in the ass process of learning to kickflip begin.

We always want to be better than our peer. The feeling of envying is always present whenever we see someone who can perform well in whatever they're doing. Fortunately, this feeling evolve into a motivation for us to do our best. But the world is not always fair. Some may easily give up or worse, their jealousy turn to hatred. And soon, they may do something like ignoring you or sabotaging your career.

The kickflip (originally magic flip) is a skateboarding flip trick where the skater flicks his/her front foot at an angle toward the nose of the skateboard in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the board's axis

And I have no idea..done with my nonsense post

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