Wednesday, May 5, 2010

difficult but certain choice

The upu results was out and unprecedentedly,i got Tesl foundation in UiTM.As i remember,i was doing pretty bad during the interview..still got it??

No,of course i don't want that..being an Englishman with an eloquence and poetry word but end up being a teacher or lecturer??haiz..that's terrible mang..teaching is not what I'm for..

I had to turn down that offer and opt for matrik instead and pursue my degree in Computer Science;majoring in either network or software engineering.

That's my dream since i was a child.

And that's dream that lead me to where I'am now.

Of course,i had heard a lot of rumor that the field that i'm getting to has been taken by a lot of people and most of them remain unemployed until now..

I'm aware that i might face difficulties obtaining a job after my graduation.
but it's not something to be worry at time being.
my interest in computer is more than just getting a job.


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