Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh my...I'm millionaire now

Today,when I checked my mail,I was surprised to see that I got a lot of offer worth million of dollar.They were given me million dollar in exchange a small payment for the administration fee.Look at this,why did Gmail put all this mail in my spam folder?Shit... I should have been rich if I noticed this earlier.So,which one should I start first?I'm the lucky person in the world,got million of dollar with just sitting and do nothing.No hard work,boss,dateline or pressure.


Recently,I bought a Rapidshare premium account for 1 month.Before this I only use torrent and rarely use Rapidshare as free user from rapidshare didn't have advantage like premium user had such as fast speed,parallel download and download manager support.But now,I'm a bit disappointed because new files were uploaded on Hotfile.What the heck man?I spent RM40 for Rapidshare account but suddenly Hotfile is getting more popular amongst warez site.But this is a good thing because Hotfile premium account is cheaper than Rapidshare.If Hotfile was destined to take over Rapidshare in warez community and become the favorite file hosting for uploader,I'm glad to hear that.
Although without a credit card to purchase the premium account,Rapidshare and Hotfile got reseller for Malaysia.So,buying premium account make easy with just bank in the money to the reseller account via local bank.The price from reseller is a bit expensive,but this is the only way to get premium account if we don't have a credit card.

There are currently 3 reseller for Rapidshare account in Malaysia.
I got my premium account from OOtbsolutions and quite satisfied with their service.Fast response and good support.Although the other one,Alfosool is selling for RM36.50 only,compared to OOtbsolutions,RM 39.99,I'm hesitate to buy from them because someone was complaining that their service was suck and unreliable.So,better spend more than sorry.

I'm not using Torrent,Kaza,Limewire and others filesharing service anymore.This is because my ISP is throttling the connection and to use them effectively,I have to use VPN or Torrentflux.

VPN stand for Virtual Private Server and it's got monthly fee.With this service,my ISP can't detect that I'm using torrent.So,maximum speed is achieved.

Torrentflux is something like dedicated server.This server will download the torrent and save it on the server.We can download the file later from the server at full speed.

Maybe using this service is cheaper than Rapidshare account,but do remember that Torrent is dependent on peer.If high seeder,than the speed would be ok.If got a lot of leecher than seeder,than the speed would be very slow.But the worst thing is old file got no seeder and there's no way to download that file anymore.

But now I rarely use Rapidshare for downloading and my account gonna expired soon.The 5GB quota for one day wasn't fully used and it's wasting my money.

UPDATE:A lot of warez are now available on Hotfile.Rapidshare got competition and it's gonna kill them.I'm considering Hotfile account next month.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mindset that hinder Malaysian to become developed

After 57 years of independence,what has Malaysian achieved?Whether it is in sport,politic,economy or technology,I believe that we are not creating rubbish for all this while.
In fact,we are preparing for our glory day to come.Germany,USA,Russian,China and a lot more of nations has achieved their glory day for a long time ago.
The Roman empire conquer the world after they invented the road,USA nuclear and what do Malaysian need to be like that?Maybe the day hasn't come yet,and when it would,we must prepare for our downfall.Nazi's empire last for only 10 years,Soviet about 80 years and Ottoman 600 years.This is the rule,every glory day has it's downfall.

Discussing about developing a nation will only hit a dead end.We must act and stop talking crap.Developing a nation require more action than talk.We cannot build a nations slowly because at one stage,it will decline sharply.We must do it tremendously,unprecedented and the most important is wisely.Taking account into today's Malaysia situation,there's no way we can conquer the world or become a developed country if we didn't do something that is tremendously.For all this while,we have been living in peace and this could become catastrophic one day.We are in peace because we just following and obey what the developed country had ordered.We didn't realize that we have been oppressed because we want to live in peace,something they'd assured you if we followed what they said.Anytime they will use us and take advantage over our weakness.

Japan,Germany,Russian and Britain has now become the developed country because of their past history.They dared to fight against their rival and show no mercy.Genocide,annihilation and realpolitik was the key for their today's.It may seem violence and ruthless,but without all this they are nothing today.Japan want to be the big power and they did it with their military,so do the Germany,Russian,Britain and USA.They are all have violence history.So Malaysian,what do we have?How long we have to wait?400 years of being invaded by Portuguese,Dutch,Britain and Communist is not the reason.There's still time to be the world's power.Hitler prepared for the world war 2 just a few years and we also can do it.They're human and so do us.Morality should be put aside because we just want the consequences for the sake of our future generation.

Point of View

I think there's no point I am writing my blog.My target is my peer,but the way I expressed it was too high for them.I do wrote about something that they even didn't know and have less knowledge about it.I want to have open discussion beyond their narrow minded,but it seems they didn't get it.
I discuss about things that teenagers at my age didn't and I was left with no options except to relay it on older people.Although they seemed to understand me,the way they treated me was so different.They do explained with their own way,but their vast knowledge was overthrowing me.

Maybe I have to change my target to the older people,but my writing seems too childish.It's like a kid talk about politic.Weird isn't?Even if the kid have a good idea,they cannot express it in a good way.People will underestimate them and never give them a chance.

Monday, December 21, 2009

5 years of joy and pain-Lower form

I entered MRSM Batu Pahat on 4th intake,about Jun 05.The first time I stepped there,I was impressed with the landscape,environment,building as well as the attitude of MRSM students.They were very polite,kind hearted but a bit arrogant.I stared at the school,and I was humble,feel very small and I thought for a while;Students here must be very clever.Just look at their appearance,style I can tell it.I would definitely being the lowest ranking in every examination".Of course it's not true,although I am not top ranker,at least my ranking usually 3/4 from the list.The best is 1/2.

Then a new journey start.Being a new student wasn't easy.Discrimination towards late comer was very strong.A lot of allegations were thrown at us;main org dalam,buto lancau main tipu masuk mrsm....Faced it calmly.We were treated like a junior,a small mistakes would bring to fight, but I still resilient,not even thinking about quitting.I just hoped for the situation to become better and one day I would make friends with them.

My class was Begonia 1,which I thought was the nightmare for me.Students there were ignoring me,they didn't even bother about me and my greet to them was perceived as hostile act.About 1 week there,I was transferred to Acacia 1,where they were more friendly and I got a new friend.I can mixed easily with them and they seem like accepting my presence.We did a lot of thing together and although there were some conflict,it was handled nicely.

Starting form2,I got more attentions and there were no more discrimination's toward the late comer.It was the glory day for me and I started to involve in crime activity(JDM case je).Then I got an idea about establishment of Xhacker and it was later expanded to street monkey.Broke my right hand because fell from skating and my left leg after falling down from hostel.haaha..In 1 years I broke my bone twice.

Form 3 was the peak of my glory day.But I had to slow down my activity because the PMR is around the corner.I am still doing my activity like broking into the lab,vandalism,wall painting and others small offences.We,the form3 batch 07 were causing a lot of mayhem and there was a rumor that all teachers didn't like us because of our behavior.We were accused of not respecting teachers and being impolite.I had no planning for the future,whether to stay MRSM or leave.I also in a hard time choosing between PKP or staying.At last,I stayed because didn't get offer to PKP...haha..lame,shame..

to be continued...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great movie,best actor

What was the last movie you watched?or maybe a drama?The last movie I watched was Zombieland.
Ok,I am not going to discuss about it because you can have it on many forum.Why most of the movie produced are from America?Aren't there any others country that producing a good enough movies?What happen to Bollywood industries?Why they are not producing a great movie like they did few years ago?Lack of reputable actor or director?

I am not a fan of Bollywood movies,in fact,I hate it.I am not racist,it's just I don't like the singing scene which is not understandably and ridiculous.Most of the song is crap and bullshit,very bad like whore's.Although they put some hot chick dancing like a porn star,exposing their skin except the you-know-what-part-is,I don't fall on that cheap trick.I can get it on the internet,rather than wasting my time watching the movie.

So,why American's movie so special?I thought everyone were going to boycott them because what they did to Iranian,Iraqi's,Afghanistan,Vietnam and(name it yourself,so long to list).
It's simple,they produce the best movies because they're the good actor.International Monetary fund,United nations and all that world organizations are just a medium to accomplished their mission.To brainwash the whole world,they need to spread their propaganda through their movies.They want everyone to admire their country so that all their actions are perceived as the best way to keep peace,albeit the first atomic bomb were detonated by them.

Even with this awareness,why I am continuing my support to the United States America by watching their movie at the cinema,not downloading or buy the pirate disc?
-I didn't download because my ISP suck.Blame them for supporting the US
-I didn't buy the DVD because it's not available yet

I don't want to spend my buck on Malay movie because i sick of it.There's a lot of chance we given to them to improve their movies,but it's all useless.What they continue to produce is love,love and love story.That's all they can make because creating a sci-fiction or action movie require a lot of money and expertise.

Again,they're the best actor,so they can produce a great movie.I am one of the people they try to fool for all this while.I was fooled,not supporting them.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Greed is good

Today,I hailed for a taxi.I was late and in rush.Sadly,he don't want to stop because he was not working and using the taxi as a private use(he bring along his wife to where I don't know). Disappointed,I sat back.Then,another taxi passed by and the same thing happened.Both of the cab didn't want to stop and you know what race the driver was(sorry,no offence but this is reality).Luckily for me because not long after that a taxi stopped and this time the driver was(you know what race the driver is,the same like the two just now).Actually,this is not the first time I encountered this problem.Mostly,the taxi didn't want to stop because they already had a passenger and to stop and took me was a waste of time(although I want to go to the same place).

My home is very far from the bus stand and to get there,I have to walk about 0.5km to the nearest bust stop. The bus is very hard to get and I only have to take taxi.Arghhh...damn..cant wait to get my license.Stick to the topic,I don't want to emphasizes about where I went and what I did.I just want to express my opinion based on the famous quote by the father of capitalist,"greed is good".Why do the capitalist system is condemned?That because they are greed,oppressed the poor and make the rich richer.Recently,the financial crisis that hit America was blamed on the CEO of major company because of their greed in investment.Unemployment is high and GDP shrined.So,what did the government did to help ease the burden of people during the turmoil?Nothing.Yes,nothing because the USD700 billion stimulus package was allocated for the failed bank and company(the one that caused the financial crisis).What did the taxpayer get in favor?They demanded for health care reform,sadly it was dismissed.

What did the "greed is good" have in correlation with the taxi that refuse to stop?These driver,they don't want to stop because they already had a passenger and don't want to be greed by taking another passenger.These malay guy(sorry,no offence)had been told by their grandparents"jangan tamak,orang tamak selalu rugi".So,they were used to it until they were working.This is why we(the malaysian)cannot be a developed country if everybody adapting this belief.Fetching me would only cost him few cent and he can also think that,but this kind of belief is totally lame!In business,this situation is called mutual.I get benefit and so did him.We're helping each other.I need his service and he provide it.But today,what happened was I need service but he refuse to give.

I was laughing when the governor proudly announced that Malaysia is not badly affected by the financial crisis.Only stupid people will believe this and proudly say "undilah barisan,mereka hebat dalam ekonomi"..hahaa...yes,true,Malaysia is not badly affected by the financial crisis,but not because proper management in finance,this is because;

1.Protectionist in economy
2.Tight loan approval
3.Very few derivative product
4.No subprime mortgage and easy loan
5.We are saver,not spender

So,can we proud because of this?yes,and no.Yes,because we can survive in the financial tsunami.No,because that what make our economy system wasn't developed for a long time.

I am not an economist nor a politician.The view expressed here is just my personal opinion.I love Malaysia.

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