Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fuck the book

saat ni aku sgt kecewa dan gembira pada masa yg sama...

aku dulu adlh seorang yg hanya tau life dpn internet, tp sjk kebelakangan ni tu sumer dh b'ubah.
aku slalu ingat yg aku ni akan jd org yg no life, duk dpn internet je 24h..sekuranggnya tidak lagi sekarang..

dunia skateboarding ajar aku banyak benda..ajar aku supaya tidak mudah putus asa, bangkit setelah jatuh dan juga menghabiskan duit : ) ...

katalis kepada kebencian aku t'hadap facebook bermula sejak program Score A berkembang pesat melalui facebook..kawan2 yg aku anggap mmbr, kini dh jd moron akibat gelap mata nak kaya.akibatnya, facebook menjadi medan niaga ejen mencari mangsa...benci gila ngan facebook skrg..

namun, tiba2 pada hari ini aku baru terperasan sesuatu..org yg aku ingatkan member tlh delete ak dr member list dia...wtf??jadi selama ini kau berpura-pura sahajalah??..ahhh lantak la...aku sentiasa menghargai kawan,cuma org x nak hargai aku..tp dgn menceburi bidang skateboarding, aku berjumpa semangat brotherhood dan kekawanan yg sebenarnya...org yg kau org kate sampah masyarakat, annoying tu la member aku..at least lg baik dri mat rempit kan??jgn la pandang hina skateboarder..fuck u society....

at least tgn kanan aku ni pernah salam ngan pro skater, itu adalah inspirasi aku...overnight di skatepark ngan pro skater adalh sesuatu yg x kan dilupakan...

aku akan buka facebook tuk contact member2 skater n yg ak rasa tak moron sje...tuk jd attention whore ngan status update tah2 apa lantak korang la...

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm sick

I'am the supporter of free press. I believe that the people should be given the privileged to know the truth, not the story that has been fabricated by the government. Problem is, free press sometimes is too liberating until it's become less trustable. But the point is clear "let the people know the true story, and leave the judgement to them".

probably the most liberal, non-racist newspaper in Malaysia

In Malaysia, press freedom is only a myth. If you're writing to condemn government, the price you got to pay is very large. This is why the Malaysia government is like a saint; very perfect in all aspect. They're like Messiah, come as a savior to the humanity.

My first Love !! At last!!

I'am now with this bitch for about 3 month now..she's kinda cute, sporty, easy going and very funky...This is the same that hurt me before, but my passion and love towards her would never be suppressed by anything she did..Call me jerk now, u asshole..at least i got someone to love, although she seems like don't give a fuck to me and persistently make me suffer everyday by hurting me mentally and physically.

I would play her every evening..I ride her and doing a lot of position. Everyday I would think a new one to entertain myself as well as her. I talk to her, but to no avail, she doesn't reply anything. Maybe she's still not accepting me. Nevertheless, time will heal. It's all will be ok as time pass by, I uttered to myself.

I once love her so much that I even broke my right arm to show that I'm the greatest. Fuck you for making me suffer 3 month. I decided to forsake her but when I'm 18, I met her again in my college. Owhh it wasn't a coincidence, it's a destiny . There was no hatred, vengeance, but only a feeling of wanting to continue this pain relationship.

Look bitch, I tolong u make up bagi lawa...now don't disappoint me, please land my kickflip and ollie perfectly..I've wasted a lot of government and parents money on you

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Loser is good

Reading back all my previous post, I must say that it full with hatred, pessimist, demotivation and not pleasing to read. That's reflect my life;A life of a loser, faggot and low self-esteem.

Realizing that a happy ending is better than sad, this post will be in "cheerful" mode..

I'am very happy..that's because..ohhh wait damn fuck i can't recall when was the last time I was happy...
shit..a loser is always a loser..my life is only a joke.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The violation of human rights in Matriculation

After a long time keeping this entry in my draft folder, I hereby decided to make it public. I should post it earlier, but the time constraint is inevitable. I constantly editing this entry from time to time to ensure it's the best i can do.
There's a lot of things interfering with my mind right now,which worsen my already messed up mind.

I'm really depressed,despair, lost hope and faith in my study. It's true,as claim by the others, that life in matriculation isn't easy. I aware of this before making my path here, but the difficulties is far more worst than i had expected. Although my SPM result seem to be better than the rest of students here,they PWNED my ass by scoring in each subject while leaving me with my fucked up results.

So,whatever happen,i will continue to face all the fuck,bad or nice thing happen to me. Right now I'm living like a lost soul. Everyday I wake up, going to kuliah just to sit and listen to the things that I don't even get it or have the intuitive. Tutor class is just adding more pain to me as the thing explain by the teacher should've already understood by the student, but i play the game by "learn everything through tutor" which doesn't go well as the teachers are rushing to finish up the syllabus and my sluggishness to catch up will end up losing the whole game. My fucked up subject is "math"..i don't get it why most of the people here are good in math?damn it i thought i can focus more on math after leaving Biology,but seems like i failed to execute that.

Dancing and skating are the new sport that i found very interesting and im really serious into it. Life here is totally different compared to the life that I used to live. I used to only sleeping at evening but now,i play skateboard with some mate. It's an exciting activity to do but now,i've seen the effect;i become tired at night(which is the time i would studying) and this really affect my performance.

Being a loser dickhead,i still have no girl to understand and care for me.18 years of being single is damn pain. damn it im not that desperate! For all this while,i just wait for the love to come, and never try to find one. Again, im not that desperate and can even live without it..i've seen a lot of bitches n cunt posting lame fb status because they've been cheated by their so called "lover"(go fuck yourself please)..
Ohhh wait! Im not a fucking gay for your mama sake ! I still fap to sexy,beautiful bitch you could find on the net,not the big,black nikka cock!i only suck in relationship..

You know kids,
dancing and skateboarding are two activities that keep me alive. I've always loss desire to continue living here but these activities really give me hope. I also lost interest to pursue studying in any mathematics-related field and this include my dream course(computer science)goshh i dream this for all this while...owhh is there any course that is less math,a bit physic and chemistry is ok,consist of a bit about economy,finance and the most important part is "it would secure my employment"?...i doubt there is any..the world is so cruel for me..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

difficult but certain choice

The upu results was out and unprecedentedly,i got Tesl foundation in UiTM.As i remember,i was doing pretty bad during the interview..still got it??

No,of course i don't want that..being an Englishman with an eloquence and poetry word but end up being a teacher or lecturer??haiz..that's terrible mang..teaching is not what I'm for..

I had to turn down that offer and opt for matrik instead and pursue my degree in Computer Science;majoring in either network or software engineering.

That's my dream since i was a child.

And that's dream that lead me to where I'am now.

Of course,i had heard a lot of rumor that the field that i'm getting to has been taken by a lot of people and most of them remain unemployed until now..

I'm aware that i might face difficulties obtaining a job after my graduation.
but it's not something to be worry at time being.
my interest in computer is more than just getting a job.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm alive

Just want to tell you taht I'm fucking alive but lazy to update my blog...
No,I've a lot of time but my brain seems like draining of idea....Can't fucking write well anymore....

moreover,no one read my blog..so what's the point writing without reader huh???


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some say it's a boring,damn life...But I have a different view

SPM was finished 2 month ago,and I've planned a lot of things rather than just staying at home,doing absolutely nothing.So,this is my life now,doing nothing,being a burden to both my parents,worrying about the SPM result which I knew would not be so good.Only can be admitted into some cheap,junk private college which I don't think my parents could afford it.

Working is my priority.I want to gain some experience and $$$ of course.But I'm too choosy,which make me unemployed until now.

I also want to take "Mandarin" class as many employer nowadays emphasizes on it.Speaking more than 2 language is an added advantage.I could learn it for free on the internet,but Dota has restricted me to do so.

Everyday,when I read the newspaper,I'll turn to the "obituary" section.

You must be wondering why the fuck I read that right??Hmm..I just trying my luck,maybe a rich philanthropist has died and he want's to donate all his properties
to the lucky person....who know??hahaha....lame,shame...

Then,I check my mail to see any paid ads,which will earn me $0.01 for each click.I need to click 1000 mail to request the minimum payout,which is $10.Usually,I receive 1-2 ads per day.When will I get my $10??hahaha....

I practice Dota a lot,but I'm still a noob.I hope to enter any tournament and earn some $$$$...However,it failed to amuse me....arghhhh
I try some translation job,but still no reply.
I sent a resume for a computer technician job,but maybe packet data loss make my mail can't be received.

I login into my facebook,and play Mafiawar which I'm addicted now.I used to block my friend because annoy with the Mafiawar update and messing my profile.
But now,I digging deep into his profile,looking for any bonus or anything that can be used to boost my Mafia.
I'm happy to see a lot of money in my Mafiawar bank,but quite sad when looking at my wallet.

I love my life,although some of you call it shame.This is me,and I don't have to bother about what you think.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Dota has thought me

I've been playing this game for nearly 1 year,after tired of playing Counter Strike.The switching of gaming genre from FPS(CS) to RPG(Dota) was hard for me.Actually,i kinda dislike playing game that based on magic,slow game play and strategy.But due to the massive popularity of Dota and decline of CS player,I decided to try Dota and this make me less playing CS to focus more on Dota.
It wasn't game that can be mastered within a few days,but I try my best.
I spend my time to study the hero abilities,what item to buy and what strategy to use.It's also a team-based game,so don't expect you can win singlehandedly.

Unfortunately,until now,I still can't play well.I insist that someday,I will be "pro"and win major gaming championship.
I'm still being scold by my team when playing online.I was obviously noob and it's has ruin the entire game.
Dota is different with others game.It's about team play,and one noob in the team is enough to make the team to lose.

I really like this quote..
As we traverse the familiar IceFrog plains of life the only way to move up in levels and in the world is to gain experience. The older we get and the longer we play the more we level up as individuals and the more experience we gain. Gold helps us to achieve the items we want that we believe will make us better players, yet ultimately it all boils down to skill.

We are all given unique abilities to achieve this, and everyone has a unique or ultimate ability or talent. We must also accept and appreciate the skills and abilities of others in the same game of life and work with them to achieve greater ownage.

There are several of these other players – some that will help us achieve our goals, and others that will stand in our way and gank us when we are vulnerable. Some of these players will pawn us and bring us down, yet we always respawn and get given another chance - a chance to defeat our enemies and conquer our fears.

Sometimes we will find ourselves alone – far from home and the base the makes us feel safe and secure. Yet these are times where we can grow and gain experience on our own. It is a chance to farm and reap the seeds that we sow, which is often very rewarding.

There are also several neutral creeps in life who will simply let us be. It is up to us to decide whether or not to seek them out and reap the rewards of doing so. There are also people (shops) that we can seek out to get advise from and who will give us a helping hand towards our goals.

In exchange for all the support we get from teammates and admins, we must endeavour to defend what is most sacred to us. This can be seen as the Tree of Life, which we have been offered and allows us to continue our game and reach our goals on the other side.

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