Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some say it's a boring,damn life...But I have a different view

SPM was finished 2 month ago,and I've planned a lot of things rather than just staying at home,doing absolutely nothing.So,this is my life now,doing nothing,being a burden to both my parents,worrying about the SPM result which I knew would not be so good.Only can be admitted into some cheap,junk private college which I don't think my parents could afford it.

Working is my priority.I want to gain some experience and $$$ of course.But I'm too choosy,which make me unemployed until now.

I also want to take "Mandarin" class as many employer nowadays emphasizes on it.Speaking more than 2 language is an added advantage.I could learn it for free on the internet,but Dota has restricted me to do so.

Everyday,when I read the newspaper,I'll turn to the "obituary" section.

You must be wondering why the fuck I read that right??Hmm..I just trying my luck,maybe a rich philanthropist has died and he want's to donate all his properties
to the lucky person....who know??hahaha....lame,shame...

Then,I check my mail to see any paid ads,which will earn me $0.01 for each click.I need to click 1000 mail to request the minimum payout,which is $10.Usually,I receive 1-2 ads per day.When will I get my $10??hahaha....

I practice Dota a lot,but I'm still a noob.I hope to enter any tournament and earn some $$$$...However,it failed to amuse me....arghhhh
I try some translation job,but still no reply.
I sent a resume for a computer technician job,but maybe packet data loss make my mail can't be received.

I login into my facebook,and play Mafiawar which I'm addicted now.I used to block my friend because annoy with the Mafiawar update and messing my profile.
But now,I digging deep into his profile,looking for any bonus or anything that can be used to boost my Mafia.
I'm happy to see a lot of money in my Mafiawar bank,but quite sad when looking at my wallet.

I love my life,although some of you call it shame.This is me,and I don't have to bother about what you think.

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