Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've learned in Skateboarding

I learned a lot in skateboarding for the past 5 month than I did in Mathematic, Physic and Chemistry. It maybe a small,tiny board but it has grown big inside my heart. What I learned is not limited to ollie, kickflip, shuv it(n others skateboard skills), but something that I called as "passive learning". These things is obtained unintentionally in my quest to become a pro skater(I wouldn't be that, I have my own ambition). This is what I think of skateboarding; it's all traced back to my life as the world is revolving around me

As I stand on that board, It wasn't easy for the first time. Nevertheless, it is a baby step that someday become a giant leap. Conquering the fear and balancing your body is vital to make yourself stand on that board perfectly. In real life, this is us, a baby just being born. We don't know anything except crying. As we grow, we started to crawl and eventually, learn to stand and walking. Often, we fall and our parents would help us to rise. Parents is portrayed as mates that always there to give support and motivation throughout the whole journey.

Eventually, the fear is conquered and you can roll the skateboard forward. But still, it's just a beginning of something bigger. As you roll forward, there are some obstacle that impossible to pass through. This is where you hop over it and continue the journey. But there is one problem ; how to make that board fly high enough to pass the obstacle? make it jump with you
In skateboarding, jumping with the board is called "ollie". Frankly speaking, it is a pain in the ass to learn. You won't learn it in one day ; maybe a week or month!!

Then there you're, stuck behind the obstacle to learn "ollie". In real life, we faced a lot of problems that seem very difficult to us. As long as you don't face it, you won't go anywhere. You may evade it, but the upcoming obstacle will be much more difficult for you.
You may ignore your debt's payment and spend the money on something else, but how long can it be? Or you pretending something didn't happen in your relationship but the truth is you're suffering, well what if you broke down someday?Isn't that would cause a big catastrophe?

this is ollie for those who wondering..

Done with ollie, you now a hero to yourself and your mate. But the peer pressure is irresistible. Turn out that ollie is too common. Some of your pro friends can make kickflip over the obstacle.
And now, to do the ollie alone is hard, but how could you make the board jump with you and at the same time flick 360?
The pain in the ass process of learning to kickflip begin.

We always want to be better than our peer. The feeling of envying is always present whenever we see someone who can perform well in whatever they're doing. Fortunately, this feeling evolve into a motivation for us to do our best. But the world is not always fair. Some may easily give up or worse, their jealousy turn to hatred. And soon, they may do something like ignoring you or sabotaging your career.

The kickflip (originally magic flip) is a skateboarding flip trick where the skater flicks his/her front foot at an angle toward the nose of the skateboard in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the board's axis

And I have no idea..done with my nonsense post

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