Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm sick

I'am the supporter of free press. I believe that the people should be given the privileged to know the truth, not the story that has been fabricated by the government. Problem is, free press sometimes is too liberating until it's become less trustable. But the point is clear "let the people know the true story, and leave the judgement to them".

probably the most liberal, non-racist newspaper in Malaysia

In Malaysia, press freedom is only a myth. If you're writing to condemn government, the price you got to pay is very large. This is why the Malaysia government is like a saint; very perfect in all aspect. They're like Messiah, come as a savior to the humanity.

My first Love !! At last!!

I'am now with this bitch for about 3 month now..she's kinda cute, sporty, easy going and very funky...This is the same that hurt me before, but my passion and love towards her would never be suppressed by anything she did..Call me jerk now, u least i got someone to love, although she seems like don't give a fuck to me and persistently make me suffer everyday by hurting me mentally and physically.

I would play her every evening..I ride her and doing a lot of position. Everyday I would think a new one to entertain myself as well as her. I talk to her, but to no avail, she doesn't reply anything. Maybe she's still not accepting me. Nevertheless, time will heal. It's all will be ok as time pass by, I uttered to myself.

I once love her so much that I even broke my right arm to show that I'm the greatest. Fuck you for making me suffer 3 month. I decided to forsake her but when I'm 18, I met her again in my college. Owhh it wasn't a coincidence, it's a destiny . There was no hatred, vengeance, but only a feeling of wanting to continue this pain relationship.

Look bitch, I tolong u make up bagi don't disappoint me, please land my kickflip and ollie perfectly..I've wasted a lot of government and parents money on you

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Loser is good

Reading back all my previous post, I must say that it full with hatred, pessimist, demotivation and not pleasing to read. That's reflect my life;A life of a loser, faggot and low self-esteem.

Realizing that a happy ending is better than sad, this post will be in "cheerful" mode..

I'am very happy..that's because..ohhh wait damn fuck i can't recall when was the last time I was happy...
shit..a loser is always a life is only a joke.

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