Monday, April 25, 2011

How I saved the world ( and your mom)

Kid,( mimicking How I met your mother opening)

Ever since i posses that god demit card called driving license,my life change,at least at this particular instantaneous. Im no longer the one that revolve around machine,where the monitor is the vision of a virtual world. The demography of where Im currently residing limiting me to go out, but with that card, it's seems like the world is too small,and just connected.
And it's allow me to socialize with my fellow skaters, as some of those religious folk will say “merapatkan silaturrahim zahir dan batin antara insaniah jauhari”..I don't do shit all the time, with a car I can easily go to surau(citation needed)
I don't quite remember doing something useful to humanity these few month, but getting a job, hmm that's the least I can do to keep this world running.

What was the term again??merapatkan silaturrahim?maybe i could bang a few malay chicks with this word and complete my mission

Im not an environmentalist, that's why I don't buy all those bullshit campaign to use public transport, car pooling, hybrid car, reusable bitch. Consequently, make me invented a new belief which is “don't give a fuck society”, like the Iceberg at that poles gonna melt and flood this world?? So what?? The only things I care is how to shoot that polar bear if let say in some unprecedented event, it's float off to my house. I don't fucking have rifles, but merely a shortgun. I can't take risk having a penguin as a pet as I have the credibility of “animal killer”, those people at PETA will burn my ass. The only animal I can bear is cat, as it have adorable interface and easy going. Who doesn't love cat after all??

To tell the truth, yes Im not racist: I got white n black on me..which side you're niggerz??

I never feel guilty when I burned a hamster(it's still alive, just a minor damage) because I think it's a matter of faith in human relationship. It's a very complicated philosophy translated into a simple action. I do know they all love that animal, but looking at those creepy hamster suffering in pain, hexx it's a total enjoyment!! Next, what I know is things get creepier ; Im facing with a bunch of rage-hamster-lover...
Dude, only if you could understand what I'm trying to do for the sake of future humanity, you would surely even kiss my ass and start calling me a saviour..

What on earth did an inhuman act could result in future of humanity??
I'm trying to elaborate this complicated philosophy, only if you willing to listen, not with your ears, but your heart..
Picture: A hamster caught red-handed trying to murder a man with a gun..shit all those things were true!!they're alien disguising as a cute, adorable pet. Only if I listened to edward, my mom will still be with me

“Iam human, the so called homo sapience species and so do you. That hamster is just an animal that simply don't contribute to mankind, and only a wasteful resources on this earth. This earth consist of 70% of seawater, and only 30% is land, but the percentage that is liveable, I believe would be much lower. What if we could eliminate all noncontributing animal to increase our space, as well as resources?? Let's say I kill 150 hamster, and that's equal to a resource a human would use throughout his life. We could born another Einstein to save the world!!Isn't that genius?
All heil your savior!!”

No shit, I'm screwed...Being alone make me did unimaginable things

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