Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Certain Dilemma

In a mere few month, this pleasant way of life is going to end. I'm going to step out of this comfort zone and pursuing my degree in Physic Instrumentations and electronic. While all the 3 words is no alien for most of science students, the course itself reflect what I've achieved for my pre U study which is not end well. Some say this is lelong course for students who don't fit the requirements for critical course; no more argument here. It's an inconvenience truth, I embrace it openly.

To be honest, I am not quite sure what I'm going to learn for the whole 3 years. The UMT website is vague with no deep details on the course. Only some introductions with no clear job prospect for the graduate. But it has something to do with robotics, which I think going to be a big hit in the future. Do you know nowadays a lot of people lost their job as their work had been replaced by robots? The advancement of technology while bring positive impacts on industry to reduce labor cost, as well as increasing efficiency and productivity ,however come with an adverse effect to humanity. Indirectly, it’s solved an equation of the nature’s law; every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Metaphorically portray the technology as an action, the people losing jobs is the “opposite reaction”.

Taking this research into a bit further, more questions arise. How is this graduate going to compete with mechanical, electronic and mechanical engineering? This field is applied science, which make use of existing fundamental theory into application of everyday life and basically, it stand with the same level as engineering. Well said, is this some kind of specialized branch of electronic or just the application of electronic? While pure science deals with the exact science of the development of scientific theories, applied science is the exact science of applying knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to practical problems. What I understand is pure science create a theory, then applied science use it for application in daily life. Example would be silicon, which were discovered many years ago, but as time progress, it become semi-conductor components and eventually, some company with a genius group of think tank unveils a new technology called cell phone. Who would’ve thought a communication would be possible with semi-conductor while century ago it was only on electric pulse?

If it's something to do with robotic, ICT and electronic, I'm imagining a semi-conductor company which make use of a robot technology to assemble an electronic product. In this case, isn't the work of an electronic engineer alone is enough? What exactly the role of Physic instrumentations and electronic graduate will be? An assistant for the engineer? That's not likely.
And why would on earth a company hiring people with knowledge in that field if they had already employed an electronic engineer?
Maybe to suggest the company a new potential commercial products from the current machine that already been used in the factory could be transform into human sex robot with a slight appearance modifications, and then left the engineer to figure out how would considerate amount of power supply need to be put so as the vibrations produced will have maximum pleasure. To add safety feature, the engineer must also, figure out how to prevent the user from electrocute themselves when they ejaculate, by designing a fuse throughout the circuit and also make sure the material used is water resistant, good insulator as well as no accumulated electrostatic charge being built to avoid any shock induced to the end user.

Ok enough of astray rants, back to the real world. For just September intake this year, no fewer than 40 thousands are accepted into university. And that’s figure is going to increase exponentially when we add students from IPTS. Did I mention foreign graduate or professional immigrants? Can the job market for this country sustain these large numbers? The answer is obviously not, well as you can already see from the surrounding. Government, stop being ridiculous, you're building a Ponzi pyramid scheme. This bubble is soon to be exploding. Even though the unemployment rate for this country is at least lower than that US, frankly speaking, I don't believe that. Gov has surely altered the figure to hide the truth.

So, is it a wise decision to instead spending 3 years of studying something that might be someday not useful, I jump into the job force and gain as much as experience before start to enroll in diploma. Although it is very unlikely happen to me, a lot of people suggesting experience is vital but without education, it's hard to climb the ladder into corporate. Gosh what a cruel world for me.
On the bright side, the course combines ICT, Electronic and the uses of instrumentations. The first two words are my passion; I'm really looking forward into it.

Determined to look far beyond forward and not in 1000 years to repeat the 1 year mistake,   I hope this post will serve as a reminder for me. I've fall once and there's no certainty that I would stand someday, but the scar will remain as a beacon of my mistakes..cewah berfalsafah pula 

p/s; I'm writing this blog post on my touch screen phone. 600++ words were making my hands strained. Is blackberry do any good to write lengthy words? 


hadijah said...

20 julai - happy birthday. Ibu @ ayah sayangkan Amer

Akmal Khalidah said...

eh , dah nak pegi UMT dah ke :D
gud luck , anyways .

Freed said...

A word of advice, just follow the flow... you'll come out of it...

and i think yes... blackberry is good... because i'd used it a while back...

Aftar said...

Mad props bro. Good luck.

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