Monday, July 4, 2011

Of all the odds and suffering

Fucking Matriculation programme, the hell of 1 years of suffering, come to finish with a catastrophic ending.
If you're my loyal follower of this stupid, inferior and scientifically uninteresting blog, you will no doubt have idea why I say it's a hell version of this universe. No, I'm not making comparison to the neraka jahanam, but it's a metaphor of what I've been through.

So, managed to find a job, the first was at Takoyaki stall, owned by my ex-classmates back when I was at MRSM. It's a new experience, I learn how to make Takoyaki, a Japanese food version of Malay's cekodok in my opinion.

and while I got excited of it, some things are meant to not pleasing me. The place I worked; took 1 hour drive from my home and imagine I've to get up on 7am after month of adjusting my biological clock to get up at 1pm(in some cases more later).
That's not the worst part; my 2 days work was paid RM 22. Yes, 26 hours worth of workforce excluding my trips.
Actually, I'm quite hesitate to blame him for the small wages, because those 2 days,we are not making much sales. If not mistaken, the combined sales for the 2 days was only RM 60. Minus 22 for me, and that's not including the raw material yet to make that snack. And did I say the rent for that small stall is RM 1500 per month? So basically, they need to make RM 50 for a day to make profit, in which case they don't and instead of making profit, they are losing.
The most funny thing is, my parents came to buy 2 sets of that Takoyaki on my 2nd day of work, and I ask for some money so I could refuel the car and go back.

What is the reason behind this business failure?

I can think of 2 reasons;

1. Not so much of popularity
While sushi had make it name in Malaysia, Takoyaki on the other hand is barely known. The first time I tasted it, it's not very tasty and I don't like it. I'm not sharing the same feeling ; at least from my observations, some people simply thrown away and cannot finish eating it. When my family came, I ask my lil brother how it's taste and an honest answer of 7 years old boy merely said ; tak sedap.
Those people that say sedap, maybe they faked it because you know, this friend of mine invited some of his friends to come over at his stall and they are well, feel obligated to buy, and try and what'd ya expect when he asked how about mah takoyaki?? Sometimes the truth need to be keep hidden, so yeah, very sedap liao

2. Location
One of the most important thing in business, is the location. A strategic location will be at large audience to draw more customer, but another thing that need to be put into attention is the suitability.
Takoyaki I believed, is a rich-people snack and be considered exotic. Like sushi, not everyone eat them frequently on daily basis.
The stall is at Tesco, which served as a heaven for middle to low income group shopping.
Most of the people that come there are family and they go not for the purpose of hangout, but rather to stock their household items. And these people, they have strict discipline in what to get and what not so they don't overspend. So, do you think RM 4.50 per set for 4 pcs is a worth to eat? Some people, like me, they are quite stingy when it comes to food. I'm thinking of suggesting he moves his stall to Jusco Aeon, which is next to Tesco, but then, who I am to advice this "MLM millionaire" wannabe?


Dila Donghae said...

hahah.. aku mcm tau jer saper yg kau mksd kan? "MLM millionaire" wannabe?? :P

Cik Sibuk said...

Pernah makan sekali sil rekmen punya la pom pam pom pam kata sodap..kena try..

Bila kita makan biasa2 aje..maybe sebab high expectation kot. Ataupun mmg bukan selera kita..

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