Monday, July 4, 2011

Forever Alone, Keyboard warrior and the dawn of skate

After worked for a few days at Takoyaki stall, I find a proper job, but just a for a short time. Right now, it's almost a month since my last job and I filled my time with just ; sit with computer : )

facebooking, /k, /b, twitter, gaming, call of duty, garena, reading informational article, prison break, how i met your mother, american dad, futurama, game of thrones, romes, ton of movies and currently I'm following Fringe.

I start to get back to my old habit.. A proud Internet Man

And like others things that I've interest on it, skateboarding seems to slowly fade away.. My last skate session was 2-3 weeks ago. I used to play it everyday and can't even stop thinking of it and eventually turned into an obsession but now, I dunno wat happen lol...
It seems like I've given up skating and happy with with my old life.. 

i also not sure which and what course will be offered to me with my disappointing matriculation result..let it be, i'll just accept whatever I get. I'am not in a position to make a demand that favor me.

yes, I'm forever alone and embrace it proudly. Problem??


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mizi said...

first of all, i am very sorry for this comment may not be related at all with the post... well, i am expecting the shout box at your blog's side but there isn't! haha... so here it goes.

great job jimbet! i read some of your post and frankly speaking they are awesome! ur expression regarding all the particular topic were absolutely vivid. your words are strong enough and no doubt u will be a great blogger.. good job again!

waiting for a great idea from you buddy.

aku baru tahu kau ada blog. bagus!

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